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Degree Human Nutrition and Dietetics     SegellAcreditacioAQU_GNHDietetica_en

Nutrition is one the determining factors of population health. After smoking, eating habits are considered the second cause of avoidable deaths and diseases in the Western world. Likewise, malnutrition is the principal cause of death in the Third World. Dietetics and nutrition are therefore worldwide public health issues.

Teaching on the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics aims to train professionals who are able to understand the process of nutrition by applying their knowledge in the field of dietetics, acquire basic training to start careers as researchers in the areas of nutrition and dietetics, as well as instilling the interdisciplinary training in these professionals that will allow them to work on multi-disciplinary teams with other professionals in the health sciences, both in basic research and healthcare provision.

  1st assignment 4th assignment
2010 6,990 6,570
2011 7,300 6,135
2012 5,826 5,000
2013 6,500 5,590
2014 7,130 5,000
2015 7,282 6,037
2016 7,670 7,368
2017 7,421 5,440
2018 7,822 6,438