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Recognition of credit

What credits can be validated?

In principle, all kinds of credits can be validated, as long as the Vice Chancellor of International Relations, Dr. Montse Rué, she agrees.
It will be necessary to consider the contents of the subjects to destination and the teaching load.
Before the stay, the student must agree, with the Vice-Dean, the studies that will be taken to destination and the UdL studies that will be validated.
As a general criterion, suspended subjects can not be validated, which must be taken at the UdL.

How many credits can be validated?

The maximum number of credits that can be validated is based on the duration of the stay:
 - Half course = 30 ECTS
 - An entire course = 60 ECTS
The recognition system adopted for the Socrates / Erasmus program is called ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).
The European Commission promotes ECTS as a common language to facilitate academic recognition among different universities.

Credits and ECTS qualifications do not replace the credits and qualifications of each university,
but provide complementary information on the academic performance of the student, from a quantitative and qualitative point of view.

Each subject has a number of local credits (specific to each university) and, moreover, a number of ECTS credits,
which facilitate the calculation when recognizing subjects studied in different universities. The teaching load equivalent
to an entire academic year is 60 ECTS credits. For a semester / semester, 30 ECTS credits. For a quarter, 20 ECTS credits.
These are the ECTS credits that a student will usually study at the destination, depending on the period of stay.

ECTS Qualifications
The scale of ECTS qualifications represents the academic performance of the student in relation to the rest of students. ECTS Qualifications
 Qualifications ECTS
 Nota ECTS Percentatge d'estudiants aprovats que obtenen la qualificació
 ↓    Definició
A 10%    Excel·lent: rendiment acadèmic extraordinari, amb errors necessaris.
B 25%    Molt bé: per sobre de la mitjana, amb alguns errors.
C 30%    Bé: bona feina, amb alguns errors notables.
D 25%    Satisfactori: bé, amb mancances significatives.
E 10%    Suficient: ha assolit els mínims.
F-FX      Suspens: necessita millorar.